EPRIME Second Partner Meeting Held in Vienna

Last week, the second partner meeting of the EPRIME – EUROPEAN TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM
initiative took place in Vienna. This project aims to empower teachers who teach physical education to
children aged 4-7. Gorica Bilak, the Director of Sports at ESSF, attended the meeting, representing our

The meeting featured discussions on the results of tests conducted in focus groups, which included 55 teachers from across Europe, including the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, North
Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska), and the Czech Republic.

ESSF had the opportunity to present examples of the visual identity of the EPRIME project, as well as
outline the steps for project dissemination. Detailed information regarding the project’s dissemination
strategy will be shared with partners via email in the coming weeks.

Looking ahead, the project will focus on the preparation of a Continuous Professional Development
(CPD) course designed to support and empower teachers. This course aims to help teachers create and apply new ideas in early childhood physical education more effectively.

The next partner meeting is scheduled to take place in Portugal in September.

Stay tuned for more updates on the EPRIME initiative!

European School Sport Federation (ESSF)